Centering Equity in Data and Learning: Good Measure’s Guiding Principles for Data Champions

The Foundation is committed to learning from and with our partners on how to use data strategically to amplify impact. Good Measure’s Guiding Principles for Data Champions is a key resource the Foundation is using to center equity throughout our evaluation and strategic learning practices.

Sharing the Foundation’s Understanding of Health Equity

St. David’s Foundation plays a critical role in advancing health equity within Central Texas. As we work toward this important mission, we are committed to uncovering our own biases, beliefs, and protocols so that we may better serve the Central Texas community. To do this, both internally and in collaboration with our peers and partners, we must first have a

Expanding Health Insurance in Texas Can Positively Impact Our Health and Economy

The primary reason for expanding access to health insurance is the wellbeing of Texans. At the same time, however, such efforts can have a substantial positive impact on the state’s economy.

Lived Experience of Moms during COVID-19

Pregnant people of color reported increased anxiety and isolation as a result of COVID-19, compounding experiences of racism and micro-aggressions.

Sustainability for Central Texas

While Austin, Texas is praised as one of the best places to live, the data shows that there are growing inequities deepening the economic divide between the rich and the poor.